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Brendon Miller- Boldt

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His mercy endures forever.

I am a Catholic, husband, father, philosopher, researcher, and wearer of a few other hats. Surname-wise, I go by "Miller-Boldt" personally and "Boldt" professionaly. My current profession is pursing a PhD at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technology Institute working with David Mortensen. My research centers around meta-scientific issues in computer simulations of language evolving from scratch, that is, emergent language. This research naturally incorporates aspects of linguistics, philosophy of science, machine learning, natural language processing, and information theory. At the moment, I intend to achieve the following in my dissertation:

  1. Descrying what aspects of human language emergent language ought to replicate in order to be useful for linguistics, natural language processing, robotics, and beyond
  2. Creating a well-defined metric (or set thereof) for quantifying these aspects of human language
  3. Illustrating how to organize individual research works on emergent language into cohesive, general knowledge about the field

Publications and Preprints

Selected Works

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Other Work

Much of the work I do in philosophy also relates computing, so if you are interested in the intersection between language, cognition, philosophy, and computers, definitely check the page out. Most of the philosophy paper are from my undergraduate years, and my experience since then has shed light on the shortfallings of these works. That being said, I think that is a positive observation, lest my intellectual development have stagnated!